Reform the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

Last year, at the end of a multi-year trial that eventually cost taxpayers $10.4 million, a jury found that a culture of retaliation and preferential treatment exists within the Sheriff’s Department. Scott Jones promoted the guilty parties involved in that lawsuit to the #2 and #3 men in the department today. It is time to clean house. Only an outside candidate will have the courage to reform the department and restore the glory that once existed in a department with a nationally recognized reputation.

Return Fiscal Responsibility to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

In 2016, more than 325 Deputy Sheriffs earned over $200,000 including nearly 100 Deputy Sheriffs who made more than $25,000 in overtime (many under the command of Kris Palmer). You cannot run a business with such irresponsibility and be successful. We must run the Sheriff’s Department like a business and be accountable to the taxpayers.

Make Sacramento a Safe Place to Live, Work, Play, and Go to School

Crime is not down; it’s just being tolerated at too high of a level. The Sheriff claims crime is down and, in select areas, it is. That’s fine, unless you were one of the thousands of people who were murdered, raped, robbed, assaulted, or had your property stolen in the last year alone. By ending overtime abuse, we can get more deputies back into neighborhoods and work on regional solutions such as partnering with schools.

Protect Your Right to Self-Defense

Our residents deserve a “shall-issue” system that allows them to exercise their right to protect themselves without the delay, costs and bureaucracy as is occurring now in the Sheriff’s Department. Citizens have a Constitutional right to self-protection and I will ensure that the right shall not be infringed.

Rebuild Community Trust

Residents deserve to trust we will do what is in their best interest whether it be removing people who are in our country illegally and have committed crimes, not spying on our citizens with high-tech equipment without a warrant, being truly transparent with proper oversight and community engagement, being firm but fair in the enforcement of law and order including our efforts to deal with homelessness, and the use of body-worn cameras by deputy sheriffs that routinely come into contact with citizens.

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