• 20 years of law enforcement experience including patrol, jails, CSI, traffic enforcement, and courts
  • Advanced peace officer certification from the State of California (highest possible)
  • 9 years of senior-level management experience
  • 6 years of mid-level supervisory experience
  • 20 years of government service
  • 20 years private-sector experience
  • 7 years of city council experience including 1 year as the mayor
  • Elected 4 times to the Citrus Heights City Council
  • Extensive campaign experience
  • United States Air Force veteran
  • Strong name recognition throughout Sacramento County
  • Wide ranging support from law enforcement, business owners, teachers, firefighters, and others
  • A lifetime of service including Little League Coach, PTA President, Founding Member and Past President of Toys for the Troops’ Kids and Founding Board Member/President/CEO of Badges Supporting Fallen Officers’ Families
  • Lifelong resident of Sacramento County

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